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Holy Snowballs

Snowballs.They were so fun as kids.You could smoosh the snow, pack it into the perfect golf ball, softball, bowling ball & clobber your friends until they were dripping wet with so many icicles hanging from their nostrils that only hot cocoa or Campbell’s soup could melt.  Image

Snowballs are so much colder and unfriendly as we get older. I like to think of my own lonely self-pity parties as snowball fights. One little snowball the size of a peanut (in other words…um, hail), can turn into a glacier in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, nothing but sleep can melt that one. Surrender. Because sometimes you should just give in and let the snowballs have their way with you in order to heal. Goodness gracious, great balls of PITY…I embrace you.

So here’s my list of the absolute worst-best songs to listen to when you feel like your pitiful-heartbreak-snowball is eating you alive, feel free to add your own. It is after all only a snowball fight if there are other fighters.

1)     With or Without You – U2

2)     Lovesong – The Cure

3)     Time after Time – Cyndi Lauper

4)     Break Even – The Script

5)     Fire and Rain – James Taylor

6)     One Moment More – Mindy Smith

7)     Black – Pear Jam

8)     Yesterday – the Beatles

9)     Poison & Wine – Civil Wars

10)   Not Over You – Gavin DeGraw

11)   Every Breath You Take – the Police

12)   My Immortal – Evanescence

13)   Marry Me – Train

14)   Danny’s Song – Anne Murray

15)   You Needed Me – Anne Murray

16)   Alone – Heart

17)   Don’t You Remember – Adele

18)   Tell You Something – Alicia Keys

19)   The Dance – Garth Brooks

20)   Black River – Amos Lee

21)   Fix You – Coldplay

22)   Little Sparrow – Dolly Parton

23)   Blood and Fire – Indigo Girls

24)   Every Rose Has its Thorn – Poison

25)   Foolish Games – Jewel