I’m nothing too special. I’m a little single mommy who runs her own home cleaning business. I don’t need fancy clothes or shoes, don’t have lofty aspirations of owning some 6,000 square foot house on a horse farm with butlers and maids. I wouldn’t want any part of that. I’m more comfortable serving than being served, more comfortable giving than taking any day. I love to be the center of attention, but only when it’s on my own terms. I will sing for hundreds, but become as shy as a turtle when asked to sing for just one. I am not naturally aggressive or assertive, but I am naturally competitive and energetic. I am a workaholic when it comes to organizing, cleaning, and basically doing anything and everything that gets items crossed off my neverending mental list.  When my mom passed 10 months ago, however, something inside of me clicked into it’s rightful place and all of a sudden my purpose driven life had a completely different purpose. I take that back. It’s not so much of a change in purpose as it has been a clarifying, or a coming-into-focus of purpose.

Life is short. We can always make more money, but can never make more time. We all have a choice in that. We can choose to spend all of that time making money, and never be satisfied that we have enough, or we can choose to spend some of that time making money, and some of it making time for the things in life that bring joy. This has become my mission, to make the most of this time I’ve been given, that and (of course) – to blog all about it;)





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