Three Peas

Yesterday was one of those days for which I live.  The sun was warm & productive, kissing the whole city of Knoxville with its make-up love; apologizing for the brutal winter.  Everyone was outside. Dogs were sunbathing. Dog lovers were giving snuggles while catching up with their human companions. Kids were actively playing games with their newfound friends after over a month of frigid cabin inconvience. And most of my little family and I were at the Beer Market, a quaint but crowded patio where all of these sights gathered to create the perfect Saturday afternoon hangout. While we didn’t ‘partake’, I was priveledged to have met more of Doug’s friends while Ethan made fast friends with their kiddos. Ethan did NOT want to leave, but the surpirse party was over before we knew it.

Doug’s tummy was all kinds of hungry after, so we ventured out to Big Ed’s Pizza (the legendary pizzeria where neither Ethan nor I had ever been). We are all pizza freaks, and we have our spots, but I was never fully satisifed with my ‘favorites’ because, from all I had heard about Big Ed’s, I had NOT yet experienced the best East Tennessee had to offer in terms of savory sauce, top crust deliciousness, and melty creamy cheese. Until yesterday. When my first bite felt more like a first kiss, and Ethan sighed, saying ‘This is just too good to be true. This tastes like Heaven!’.

Doug and I were in savory SHOCK. For Ethan to say that about any food, is quite simply UNREAL.

The feel of the restaurant in its rich, old, rawness, only made the coming together of flavors more authentic and melodic. Doug and I had the grown-up version topped with mushrooms, green peppers, olives, pepperoni, and onions, and we agreed that it was the perfect pizza.

From there, we landed at a playground where the ‘kids’ played, and the ‘grown-ups’ played hide-n-go-kiss beneath the monkey bars.  Doug and Ethan ran off their dinner & passed football until the sky was almost completely black and the day tucked itself in for the sweetest of dreams.

This morning, as I reflect on yesterday, I am humbled by the thought that ‘ordinary days’ to other people feel more like Christmas to those of us who have wished for simple family time. That sounds, even as I read it, like a pity party. But that’s not how it feels. I am grateful. No matter how few and far between these days are, they are mine. They are ours. These are the days that make all the hard stuff more bearable, and make the happy stuff more possible.

My favorite days are when we are ‘four’ – Doug, me, Jason and Ethan. But on the days where it’s just we ‘three’, we are three peas in a pod. Playful. Positive. And don’t forget the Pizza.


One thought on “Three Peas

  1. Amazing writing here, Heather. I almost felt like I was with you guys! And I am convinced that Eric and I must try Big Ed’s’ pizza.

    I’m glad you had a wonderful day with your peas. My love ❤

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