Life Happens

Whether we’re ready or not, life happens. We awaken, do all of our mundane morning activities, the brewing of the coffee, the brushing of the teeth, the traveling to school, to work, to lunch, to dinner. At night we settle in after the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the running around, the regular old regular living stuff that gets in the way of those ‘moments’ that we need to feed our souls.

From time to time, we take vacations, attend birthday parties, plan for surprises, weddings, baby showers, baby deliveries, and all the what-nots, and can’t-wait-untils that make up the meat of our lives & add spice to all the going through the motions of our everyday fluff.

But today I found life.

I went for a quiet walk with my dog Hayley, down a long  country road down in South Georgia. Out of habit, I took my phone, though it was roaming and dying in our isolation. Out of habit, I shoved my ipod earbuds in & numbed myself with everyday music. It wasn’t until the sun started it’s daily climb above the clouds, breaking through into its new day, that I realized I needed to stop and smell the sunrise of my own day, of my own life.

Out came the earplugs. Inward started the reflections, the thoughts, the appreciation and gratitude for all that I have, and all those I love.

The white spaces in our lives mean everything. The moments that happen that are not filled with drama, or schedules, or laundry, or demands…these are the  places that give rise to purpose, passion, and gratitude. We were born for more.


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