Flying Solo

There’s something so liberating about being the head of your household, right? Something empowering about being the boss of both home and work, yes? This may sound good to those who haven’t lived it, just like most other ‘plots’ in life, sure. But for those of us who have perched far too long at this post, there is a restlessness that overtakes our spirits, and stirs our souls into wonderment – as in I ‘wonder’ what it is I am actually supposed to be doing.

For me, I’ve worked the family business for most of my life, even with a degree. I wanted to be able to earn a paycheck and be there for my boys, and that’s what I’ve done. Now, I’m ready to do more, to be more, to live more. Right now, in the midst of chaos created by poor choices in the past. Right now, in the ending stages of grieving for my mother (but is there really an end to that?). Right now, in the middle of what feels like forever, but for the love of my life, feels like the beginning of something spectacular  that hopefully grows into forever.

Right now.

Right now is the only thing we can control. What we do in the now is more important than anything we’ve done or will do, because right now defines us. Flying solo has been real, and even sometimes fun, but I’m ready to embark on a stampede. Because stampedes were once a restless bunch of onlies just like me.

Right now.

There have been far to few instances in which I have ‘known’ something to be true in my life. I ‘knew’ I needed to be a mom. I ‘knew’ I needed both of my divorces. I ‘knew’ I needed to have my Hayley dog. I ‘knew’ I needed Doug in my life. And all of that has worked out for the best, but now I ‘know’ what I need to do in terms of a career. The trouble is, I also ‘know’ it’s not an easy road.

Right now is the first step on that road.

What’s in store for your right now?


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