Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Missing Link

I would not sit in your chair when I met your parents. I understand my place is in the chair that has remained empty for all these years. In your family of three, I complete the square, just as in my family of three, you complete ours. We were not placed upon this earth to roam in solitude. We can survive alone, even live complacently. But happiness was meant to be shared, for it is within the sharing that happiness survives, develops, grows and transforms us into better beings.

We can walk through this life empty, and allow ourselves to be filled up by those who wish to consume us, and they will do just that. Or we can choose to walk through life fulfilled. When we do that, we may happen upon someone who is also fulfilled. From my experience, I can say that the relationship that exists between the two fulfilled individuals is epic. These are two wholes becoming one enriched, beautiful, and blessed union. A meeting of the minds. A joining of the hearts, where no one sacrifices, but both stand firmly in their individuality, gazing at the other with respect and admiration, and the two strive to become more – for themselves as well as for one another. This is the very reason that God created Eve to be Adam’s partner, not his pet.

Each and everyday, I am amazed by the abundance of love, by it’s nurturing touch in my life. There are days when I want to curl up into a ball, because my heart is still grieving for the loss of my mom after all. But I look into his eyes and see the light of hope. I hear in his voice the support and concern that I didn’t think was possible. When the one you want to grow old with is your best friend, it isn’t cliche – it’s fate. It’s destiny. It’s right, and every fiber of my being tells me for the first time in my life, that THIS is as right as it gets. Four months into our official relationship, and I already imagine our vows. I imagine his expressions, his smile, his ‘allergies’ building up in his eyes as he speaks of our love. And I know. I just do. And that is all I ever wanted.