Soul Search & Rescue

2012-03-31 12.26.09

One of my favorite past times is to gaze into the hearts and minds of others and see what makes them tick, what gives them the ticks, or what ticks are feeding off of them. I’ve sat idly by and actually watched as someone starts with one negative situation, and single-headedly thinks there way into a great big mosh pit of negative thoughts. Such negativity reproduces quicker than rats, bunnies, and bacteria combined. The outcome is the same too. All we get is a great big mess of poo, which leads to piles, that lead to mountains, which…well you get the point. There is no point in this, except that eventually (at least hopefully) the person will see the err of his/her ways and laugh it off at the end just following a big hysterical cry, whereby we can call them crazy. But what it really is, is healing. Hysterical cries, in some ways, are like that great big vomit when you’re feeling nauseous. If you can just get it all out, you’ll feel much better.

So yes, I’m saying we should all be crazy, because in some respects we are all on some level of CRAZY. If we hold in the crazy, we’re just repressing the urge. And repression is at the root of all institutions, which is why there were so many crazy people during the Victorian era.

Why do so many of us repress our feelings? There are as many answers to this as there are circumstances, like anything else that I write about generically. (Insert movie man voice here) In a world where…people are bombarded with marketing campaigns, tv shows, social media, knowledge at the press of a google, we are quite simply DESENSITIZED. Only we’re not…because we’re still human. And when the world is silent (which we should regularly force it to be) we are left with only our own thoughts and emotions with which to contend. This is the world where we should escape our own escapes, cope with our own souls, and live within our own hopes. It may hurt at first. We may not like our own reflections. But take it from someone who has devoutly given up the boob tube for almost 3 years. It’s well worth the silence. To become acquainted with yourself again isn’t scary. It’s necessary if you want to give up the mindless cycle of unhappiness you’ve subscribed to.

If you’re not unhappy, by the way, stop reading this sermon. You are the choir. For those of you not in robes, follow me.

Into a world where

We do not pour our thoughts into fiction. We must talk to each other, or even ourselves, because there are no other forms of entertainment. Follow me into a world where there are ‘relationships’ because we are relating to each other instead of blanketing human interaction with scenarios of extraordinary events. After all, I’ve never broken up with someone only to have him race to me with an organized  flash mob singing our song right into a Hollywood happy ending. Life imitates art? Not so much. But maybe we cover up life with art.

My challenge is simply to unplug a couple of nights each week. Talk to your kids. Talk to your husbands, your wives, your mothers, your fathers, sisters and brothers. Check in with the people you love. Check in with the people you tolerate. But most importantly, check in with yourself. You have doctor check-ups, dental check-ups, even teacher meetings, why not set time aside for a self-check. If something isn’t working for you, ask why. Write about it. Blog about it. Sing about it. The point is to simply think. No one can hear his own thoughts with so much distraction. The distraction will not heal you, it will only prolong the process.

Make yours a world where you are aware; where you are your own leading man or leading lady. That’s when you start writing your own script, formulating your own plot, and creating your own happy ending and get by with a little help from above.


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