A Visit from Nancy


We all dread her. She’s nothing but negative; always complaining, griping, defending herself, trashing others, and she’s always called Negative Nancy. She came to visit tonight, in the midst of children’s laughter and the laid back relaxation that always comes hand-in-hand with Saturday. It’s my most favorite day! Why doesn’t she understand that she’s not welcome here – not today. I thought I had left her trapped in yesterday’s gloom & doom, to wrestle herself and work out her own problems.

I was wrong.

And it’s all thanks to the dreaded IRS. Isn’t it always? I’m happy for my employees at this time of year. They work their tails off all year, and barely earn enough to pay their bills. They scrimp & scrape by to pay for doctor’s visits, hair cuts & classroom fees for their children. I always want to do more to help them, but can only do so much. Then, before you know it, it’s tax time. And each of them receives between 3K – 8K back in refunds. When they do come in to work during this time, they have manicures, tans, new shoes, new toys for their kids, and sometimes even new cars. I have nothing but enthusiasm for them. I love to see my girls happy. But what doesn’t make me the least bit happy is that, inevitably, there are those few who decide they have every reason in the world to not work.

And Negative Nancy enters my body at that moment…at this moment…on a Saturday night of all times.

One of my employees, we shall call her ‘Missy’, texted me that she will need to be off Monday because her daughter-in-law (who only today had a baby) will be having surgery. It’s so nice of her to be supportive. I’m not knocking that. BUT there is the little problem of her having had a huge complaint from a customer only yesterday. And we will need to go back and completely clean the house over. That has NEVER happened before. So, yes, Nancy warned me of her visit yesterday. Tonight she burst in without even knocking first. She is not welcome.

Even the most positive peeps lose their vigor when Negative Nancy visits. And this is life after all, so she will come around from time time. She will not be included on my Christmas Card list this year. Neither will the IRS.


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