Driven to be Driven


With so much talk about positive thinking, belief, motivation, inspiration, and affirmation blinding us from every direction, it’s difficult to understand how many of us still choose to remain in a rut. It’s a decision, people. Do some of us  ‘have it easier’ than others? I don’t know. Do some of us ‘fall into luck’ more than others? Not really. I mean, look at it. Have you ever had a day where you drug yourself out of bed, scampered into the bathroom, mulled through your normal morning routine & day without a single thought? Unless you are a zombie, an actual dead person, the answer is NO. We have 60,000 thoughts every single day…on average. Big deal, I know. But these thoughts are not just useless meanderings, whimsical lights flashing through our brains. No. They are opportunities; possibilities to change the course of our day.

Of those 60,000 thoughts, if you had to sit down and actually write out each one, how many would you remember? Probably only the tiniest fraction could be recalled, right? But out of that tiny fraction, how many are negative? I have done this myself more times than I can count, believe me. I’ll be walking into work thinking I wonder how many girls will call in today, Have I left off a customer?, I wonder how many girls will be in a terrible mood today, Did I remember to unplug the coffee pot, the curling iron, did I get enough sleep last night, how come my ex-husband still hasn’t found a job after 2 years?….see what I mean?

And those are every day thoughts that ALWAYS rear their ugly skulls. Some of those…like tho coffee pot, curling iron, etc. are just awareness thoughts. But some of them, about my employees, customers, ex-husband, are thoughts that can change the course of my day for the better if I re-think them right. In other words, I change the wording of my thoughts to I hope everyone comes in today, I think we have a solid schedule today, and I will say a prayer for my ex-husband that he becomes employed soon so that he can feel more confident as a provider to our son.  Wishful thinking, or ‘positive thinking’? Whatever you want to call it, it changes things. Immensely. Why? I think the answer is clear. Because it changes the ‘problem’ into a solution. In other words, your mind goes from trying-to-fix-it mode to I’m-letting-it-go mode. When that happens, the mind lets go of the negative & moves on to the positive.

So, the next time those negative thoughts leak into the 60,000 and make you uncomfortably aware – stomp them right out. Sure, if you can fix something, by all means – do that. But if there are things out there pestering you and littering your mind with the uncontrollable unfathomables that are just, well, inevitable – turn them around and re-direct them into the abyss of notmyproblemville where they belong.  Your mind, your day, and your body will all join in a great big THANK YOU! And I promise, you will actually FEEL the difference.



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