Experience is bliss (or not)


Dear happiness:

I want to meet you, know you, understand you, experience you. The problem is that every time I catch you, you flutter away. You’re elusive, evasive, and meandering. You frustrate me, when you should comfort me. I savor you, and yet you don’t seem to recognize or care about my appreciation for you. Why must you flee? I feel like the unfavored child. Do you like others more than me? Is there anything I can do to make you stay?


Self Pity

Dear Self Pity:

In order to make me stay, you must first believe that I will. You must savor me, but also think the thoughts, feel the feelings, and experience the bliss of having me around, even before I am. Only then will I feel compelled to do so. When you’re constantly pushing me away with your feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, even doubt, well….there’s no reason for me to flutter in the presence of angst. Have you heard of people that decide to clear out the negativity in their lives, making all the necessary changes that they DO have control over, in order to get the best out of life? It works, every time. That’s not to say that bad things won’t still happen. Death is part of life. Destruction is part of creation, and so on. But, when you invite me in, and surround yourself with bliss, even in the midst of darkness, I feel comforted by you. I feel respected, wanted, earned, and welcome. I know I’m in good hands. So shift your thoughts. Sort out your emotions. Unearth those old careless days of your childhood. You will find me there. I’m always there. You just have to accept me. Don’t just ask. Demand and expect.


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